• September 2018


    A new classroom for Roberta’s Nursery

    We are very pleased to announce that the construction of the new classroom is in full swing! With the proceeds from the fundraising dinner we could already start last August with the foundations. Thanks to the generous contribution of a Dutch fund, the building can now really be built! Many thanks to our fundraiser Marion Etman who made this possible with her efforts.

  • June 2018


    Establishment of "Roberta’s Nursery Foundation" in Amsterdam

  • May 2018


    Fundraiser in the Netherlands and Portugal for new and used children’s clothes

    Our friend Denise sponsors new school uniforms, which are now made by a local tailor. A physiotherapist in the school has been treating a number of children with multiple disabilities for the last month. Discussions in Machinjiri with various contractors about the construction of a third classroom.

  • June 2017


    New School uniforms for children

    Unfortunately they only lasted half a year. This time Italian expert friends help with selecting the children.

  • March 2017


    Fundraising dinner for the new classroom in Amsterdam with 80 guests, where we collected a nice sum.

  • May 2016


    Fundraiser children’s clothes and toys in the Netherlands, we work with the children and teachers. School trip to Malawi Sun

  • August 2015


    Festive inauguration of the new house for the Ganzani family

  • March 2015


    Fundraising in the Netherlands for a new home for the Ganzani family

    Fundraising in the Netherlands for a new home for the Ganzani family, who had lost their newly built home in the great rains. We had (and still have!) Many of their 13 children in kindergarten. With big thanks to our friend Denise!

  • November 2014


    To Malawi with many materials for the new school

    Fundraising for Edward, who runs poorly and needs physical therapy and adapted footwear. We continue to follow him!

  • August 2014


    Opening of the new school with two classrooms, which are beautifully decorated by our friend Erica

  • March 2014


    Basil and Silvia to Malawi with 8 suitcases full of 2nd hand clothing and materials for the school

  • May 2013


    Silvia and three other volunteers in Malawi

    Worked with the teachers. School dressed up locally. Learning materials, toys etc. taken from the Netherlands and the first school trip organized

  • November 2012


    Establishment of Roberta’s Nursery in a room of the Nutritional Center with 30 children and two teachers

    The children come from the very poorest families and are selected by Silvia with the help of local experts. Many materials and educational resources for the school from the Netherlands. Larger items like tables, chairs and mats bought in Malawi.

Roberta's Nursery - Sinds 2012