Update 29th May 2023: The board of the Roberta’s Nursery Foundation has decided to terminate its activities with effect from June 15, 2023.
Roberta’s Nursery School will continue to exist under the management of DREAM Malawi!

Our trip to Malawi in 2020

Unfortunately, we had to cancel our planned trip to Malawi that was scheduled for April 19th  due to the virus. We are very sorry!

It would have been a very important visit this time, specifically because we wanted to assess and develop our teachers’ situation. Silvia and Basil had an interesting plan for them: to start a new project that helps young children recognize their emotions, The Color Monster.

The team in Malawi is doing a great job to keep managing the kindergarten as well as providing as much as safety as possible during this difficult time.
On our side, we are planning regular Skype conferences with the teachers, to keep supporting them in their work.

The new classroom

Under construction

More than often, parents and tribe elders asked us if we could accommodate even more children. The plan arose to build a third school local where we could teach 15 more children!
We were delighted with the fundraising dinner in 2017 and all want to thank you again for your great enthusiasm and financial contributions. After an interview with our future fundraiser, it became clear that if we wanted to approach funds, we had to become a foundation.

The first project of the new foundation was the construction of a third classroom. The proceeds of the fundraising dinner were sufficient for the foundations and thanks to the generous contribution of a Dutch fund, the new room could be build.

In January 2019 the new classroom has been opened and put into use by 15 new children, their parents and the teachers!

At the moment, the school has 45 children and three fantastic teachers. These are not only responsible for teaching the children, but also preparing breakfast, showering the children and cleaning the premises.
It has been proven necessary to hire an assistant for these additional tasks, which can also teach when our teachers are sick or on holiday.

If you want to support this small but meaningful project in the service of an assistant, you can do so by making an amount of your choice to: NL45 INGB 0008 9858 72
Thank you very much for the help you would like to give to this project!