About us

Roberta Ciarniello was our special friend and sister who died in 2012 at much too young an age. She was a very active volunteer who often travelled to Africa and was involved in several community projects against AIDS and malnutrition in Malawi.

During her many visits to Malawi she noticed that often small children were hanging around in the street and older children were missing school because they had to look after the younger siblings. Roberta thought what it would be like if she could offer a kindergarten for the little ones with the help of her friends. It would be beneficiary for the development of the younger children, with an additional advantage that the older siblings could go to school.

Because she could no longer make her wish come true, we founded in her memory with the support of many friends and acquaintances in 2012 ” Roberta’s Nursery School”.
In 2014 we were able to buy a small school building with two classes and in 2019 we  added a third classroom.
The school is a small miracle in the middle of a very difficult situation.

Below some pictures of 8 years Roberta’s Nursery!